You're a ThinK-12 Ambassador! Now what?

It's time to get familiar with ThinK-12!

We’re excited you are here! We have comprised a list of steps on this site to get you started as a ThinK-12 Ambassador.

Read below to find out more on how to be a success in our program and make money!


Watch some overview videos of ThinK-12 to get a visual sense of how the program works.


Get your custom scheduling link to set up meetings.

Your custom meeting link will be emailed to you. Alternatively, you can contact us to request it if you didn’t get the email.


Think about who you'd like to contact to introduce ThinK-12

Woman sitting at a conference table
Teacher welcoming someone into the classroom
Portrait of smiling teacher

View sample emails for your outreach to help schedule meetings.

You can edit the emails to your liking (or just write your own).
Just remember to include your custom scheduling link!


Make sure the meeting happens!

We suggest you send a reminder to the person you set the meeting for to make sure they attend.
Remember, you only get paid AFTER a meeting occurs!

You will receive a summary email of the above steps for easy reference.

Let’s go make some money!