Enrollment and Family Engagement
for K-12 Schools

ThinK-12 Families
and ThinK-12 Staff

Drive Enrollment, Engagement and Re-Enrollment of Families. Drive Recruitment and Retention of Staff. (seems important, huh?)

Reimagine what your school website can be.

Start treating families like customers and give them the experience they deserve.

Drive Revenue for your School with ThinK-12

Incredibly smart software for K-12 schools.

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Take the First Step toward Enrollment Growth and Family Engagement

Our experts will walk you through it and explore specific ways ThinK-12 can meet your needs.

Attract New Families

Break out of the clutter and connect with prospective families like never before.

Engage Current Families

Treat them like customers and give them the experience they deserve.

Tell a Powerful Story

Our enrollment experts, editors and designers will bring your school’s story to life.

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Build a Stronger Community

The Family Engagement Hub will drive deeper family connections than ever before.

Leverage Your Outcomes

Beautiful, interactive pages and the Graduate Gallery™ show families what’s possible at your school.

Humanize your Staff

Make it easier for families to connect with your staff. It drives empathy, compassion and alliance.

ThinK-12 Families™

The most robust yet highly flexible solution to drive enrollment and family engagement.

Engage prospective and current families like never before. Elevate your School image and treat families like customers.

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built Specifically for K-12 Schools

Our team has worked with colleges and universities for 25 years. K-12 is different. That’s why we built ThinK-12 from scratch.
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Increase School Enrollment

Drive Enrollment, Engagement and Re-Enrollment of Families

Tools that seamlessly integrate into your existing website and takes family engagement to the next level. Think about breaking your school out of the clutter. ThinK-12.

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ThinK-12 Staff™

Recruit and Retain teachers/staff with revolutionary staff engagement tools.

Attracting teachers and staff is easier when your brand is strong. Utilizing similar strategies and tools that drive student enrollment, we can drastically increase teacher and staff recruitment and retention for your school.

Our library of Service-based content in ThinKTank™ is constantly growing, offering everything they need to make the best decision for their family.

Insanely Amazing Support

Most Edtech solutions sell you, then wish you luck.
Get treated like a valued partner.

Fast Onboarding

The lion’s share of the work is on our plate. We customize, build and host your program.

Live Support

We’re always there if you need us. We’re U.S.-based and we work when you do (and even when you don’t:)


Tons of best-practices, implementation and optimization guides and great ideas from a growing community of users.

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Drive Enrollment and Family Engagement.

For K-12 Publics, Charters and Privates.
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ThinK-12 Chat

Get ready to drastically improve customer service for future and current families (yes, your families are your customers). ThinK-12 Chat is an AI-based (artificial intelligence)

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Waived Set-up and Support Fees

For K-12 Publics, Charters and Privates.
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Learn How ThinK-12 Can Make a Difference at Your School