ThinK-12 Families TM

While many school websites are static, transactional, and difficult to navigate, our family engagement sites are dynamic, community-oriented, and designed to foster meaningful connections between families and schools.

ThinK-12’s unique approach offers schools a transformative website experience:

Enhanced Branding

A visually appealing and well-branded website strengthens the school’s identity and attracts new families.

Engaged Families

A family-centric website fosters connections, promotes involvement, and supports academic success while positioning the school as the primary source of information for families.

Streamlined Management

Expert website management ensures consistent updates, optimal performance, and a stress-free experience for school staff.

More than just a website

Our family engagement platform is a comprehensive solution for:

Strengthening family-school partnerships

We bridge the gap between families and educators, promoting open communication, collaboration, and shared responsibility for student success.

Enhancing family engagement

We empower families through readily available resources, support, and enriching opportunities.

Showcasing school achievements

We visually celebrate student progress and school impact, showcasing a culture of growth and achievement.

Promoting extracurricular involvement

We expose students and families to diverse extracurricular activities, encouraging participation and skill development.

Elevating School Websites Beyond Mere Function

Forget clunky, cluttered, cookie-cutter school websites that drone on like a monotone lecture. Think of your Think-12 website as a vibrant orchestra of web apps, each tuned to define and defend your school’s unique brand.

We crafted ThinK-12 from listening to, and learning from, the frustrations of families and schools. We’ve transformed those experiences, weaving them into a tapestry of functionality never before offered:


Let our wordsmiths spin professionally-written, custom narratives that set your school apart, while providing parents with valuable resources to support their students, get involved, and ignite their family's educational journey.


Ditch the static text. Bring your school to life with custom videos, featuring staff, parents, students, and even alumni, sharing their stories with authenticity and passion. Let prospective and current families experience your vibrant community firsthand.


Don't just tell them (or let them guess); show them. Dazzle parents with a visually captivating showcase of graduate achievements. Let them see the possibilities and pathways their child can forge within your school. Imagine the excitement this stirs!

Family Network

Building community starts here. For prospective families, it's a bridge: connect with designated family ambassadors who'll fuel their enthusiasm. For current families, it's a haven: discover common ground, join groups, and nurture connections beyond the school gates.

Meet Our Staff

Unmask the faces behind the desks. Let teachers and administrators humanize themselves, create engaging staff pages around their passions and hobbies. Deeper parent-staff connections bloom organically from this fertile ground.


No more scattered messages or lost emails. This centralized platform gathers clubs, groups, teams, and more under one roof. Streamline parent communication, empower club leaders to tell their stories, and watch engagement soar.

Family Service Center

Simplify, streamline, and delight. Our AI-powered chat tool serves as a friendly concierge, answering questions, resolving issues, and ensuring a frictionless customer service experience for every family

ThinK-12 isn’t just a website, it’s a metamorphosis: a transformation of the traditional school site into a vibrant, dynamic ecosystem that caters to every stakeholder. It’s a symphony of tools and stories, all orchestrated to amplify your brand, engage your families, and unleash your school’s full potential.

Empower Parents, Ignite Engagement: The ThinK-12 Mobile App Advantage

Struggling to bridge the gap between teachers, parents, and the school community? Ditch the outdated communication channels and unlock a world of engagement with the ThinK-12 mobile app. We’ve meticulously crafted an experience that goes beyond basic notifications, offering a powerful tool to supercharge family involvement and empower your school community.


  • Parents actively connected: No more scattered messages or missed updates. Our app fosters seamless communication between parents, teachers, and staff, building a vibrant online community.
  • Real-time engagement: Instant push notifications ensure parents see critical information immediately, boosting attendance at events and participation in school activities.
  • Proactive support: Parents have easy access to valuable resources, informative articles, and expert videos – all curated to support their child’s success and address their concerns.
  • Transparency and collaboration: Interactive calendars keep everyone informed of upcoming events, deadlines, and school activities, fostering a sense of shared responsibility and connection.
  • Reduced burden on teachers: Streamlined communication channels and parent feedback features alleviate teacher workload, allowing them to focus on what matters most – inspiring students.

The ThinK-12 mobile app isn't just another school app, it's a game-changer. Here's what sets us apart:

  • Thoughtfully designed user interface: Parents find navigation intuitive and engaging, maximizing app adoption and usage.
  • Data-driven insights: Track app usage and family engagement levels to gain valuable insights and continuously improve your outreach efforts.
  • Seamless integration: The app seamlessly integrates with existing school systems, making implementation smooth and efficient.
  • Customization options: Tailor the app experience to your school’s unique needs and preferences.
Invest in a solution that truly connects with your families. By equipping parents with the ThinK-12 mobile app, you’ll foster a collaborative school environment where success thrives. Contact us today for a personalized demo and unlock the power of engaged families!

ThinK-12's unique approach sets it apart from conventional website providers, offering schools a transformative experience that transcends mere functionality and aesthetics. Where traditional school websites fall short:

  • Static and clunky: Difficult navigation and outdated design hinder user experience.
  • Transactional: Limited to providing basic information, failing to engage families meaningfully.
  • Disconnected: Lacking interaction and community-building features.

What sets our family engagement sites apart:

  • Dynamic and user-friendly: Intuitive interface and sleek design create a seamless experience.
  • Community-oriented: Fosters connections and communication between families, staff, and students.
  • Resource-rich: Provides articles, videos, and readily accessible support for families.
  • Celebration-focused: Showcases school achievements and student success stories inspiring pride and engagement.
  • Engagement-driven: Highlights extracurricular activities, clubs, and sports, encouraging student participation.
  • AI-powered assistance: Offers immediate answers and support through a chat feature, addressing parent concerns quickly.

Ditch the dust, ditch the doubts. Partner with S3™ and unlock a website that sings your school’s story, connects with families on a deeper level, and shines brighter than ever before. Contact us today, and let’s make your school website a masterpiece.

S3™ offers different levels of support depending on your needs and budget.

More than just a website

Our family engagement platform is a comprehensive solution for:

Transforming schools into thriving communities

We go beyond basic information delivery to cultivate a vibrant online community where families feel welcome, informed, and empowered to actively participate in their children’s educational journey.

Invest in a family engagement platform that bridges the gap, fosters a sense of belonging, and empowers everyone to contribute to student success.

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Every School is a brand with a story to tell.

ThinK-12’s unique approach offers schools a transformative website experience that elevates their online presence and fosters a thriving school community.