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Frequently Asked Questions

Family engagement involves traditional ways to include families at school, such as open houses and parent-teacher conferences. It also includes greater opportunities for collaboration and support, like volunteers, parent leaders, and family education initiatives.

Family engagement is a way to increase student enrollment at your school. The variety of innovative tools offered by ThinK-12 makes it easier than ever for prospective parents (and current parents) to connect with the staff at your school and other families. This results in long-term commitment and is an excellent way to increase school enrollment.

Our family engagement marketing features include:

  • ThinK-12 Chat
  • Family Ambassadors
  • Q&A Videos
  • Staff Directory
  • ClubHub
  • Custom Content
  • Sponsorship Guide
  • And much more

Declining enrollments are a significant issue for many schools within the U.S. To increase enrollment at your school, you can utilize several interactive tools provided by ThinK-12 to engage prospective families (as well as retain current families).