Peter Kraft

Peter Kraft

Remember dial-up? In that era, fueled by a passion to ignite young minds, I took my first leap into EdTech in 1991. My initial venture, Link Magazine and Digital Campus, became a vibrant hub for millions of college students. This success, culminating in its acquisition by the College Television Network (which later became Viacom’s MTVu), underscored the power of fostering connection within the education landscape.

Leveraging that experience, I co-founded GoalQuest with my partner in life and innovation, Tracy Howe. GoalQuest helped colleges and universities not only attract students, but also foster their long-term engagement. Recognizing the value we delivered, Education Dynamics acquired GoalQuest, marking a significant milestone in our journey.

The thrill of building impactful solutions for education propelled me forward. Evolution Labs (Suite360) followed, again, co-founded with Tracy. We addressed the critical need for SEL, Character Education, and Mental Health programs in K-12 schools. Our efforts resonated with Navigate360, leading to a strategic acquisition that solidified the positive impact we made on young minds.

Today, with ThinK-12, I’m laser-focused on empowering K-12 schools to flourish. This powerful tool tackles enrollment challenges, strengthens family engagement, and boosts retention, creating a vibrant learning environment for all.

Education extends far beyond the boardroom for me – it’s a lifelong passion. Back home in Central NJ, you’ll find me with Tracy and our four energetic kids (well, two of them are in college:). Together, we pursue a multifaceted life – from equestrian showjumping to conquering the golf course, acing tennis games, sweating it out in hot yoga, and planning our next family journey.

Specialties: EdTech, Enrollment, Family Engagement, Retention, Finance, Strategy, Vision, Marketing, Business Development, and… FUN!

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Navigating the Digital Landscape: Empowering Schools with ThinK-12's Transformative Website Solutions.

ThinK-12’s unique approach offers schools a transformative website experience that elevates their online presence and fosters a thriving school community.