Tracy Howe

Tracy Howe

My passion for education burns bright after 25 years in the trenches of higher ed and K-12. The journey began in Detroit’s ad world, where I honed my skills at Young & Rubicam and Laine Meyers. This foundation propelled me to dominate the national stage, landing automotive clients for Link Magazine (which later became College Televsion Networrk & MTVu) and launching GoalQuest, a groundbreaking edtech company that helped universities recruit, enroll, and retain students.

Driven by a desire to empower student-athletes, I founded Evolution Sports Partners, where data-driven strategies fueled student-athlete’s academic, social, and performance success. This evolved into Evolution Labs, a leader in enrollment and retention solutions for higher ed. Recognizing the crucial impact on early success with students, Tracy led the development of Suite360, providing mental health and social learning programs to thousands of K-12 schools nationwide. Its reach spanned topics like drug awareness, child trafficking, and more, even achieving statewide adoption, including Michigan, Vermont, and Maine.

In 2020, Evolution Labs was acquired by Navigate360, where I once again championed Suite360’s growth and integration. Today, I’m back at my roots with ThinK-12, helping schools attract and engage students and families in K-12.

Beyond my ventures, I’m also a business coach, mentoring young women on their entrepreneurial journeys. I’ve been married to Peter Kraft for 23 years and we have four children, four dogs, and many horses (I am unable to publish the exact number of horses so as not to upset Peter:)

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