About Us - ThinK-12 Solutions

ThinK-12 was created by technology and marketing experts from the world of Higher Ed alongside experts in family engagement and K-12 teacher education. For more than 20 years, we provided enrollment, engagement, and retention programs for colleges & universities to help them attract and retain students and families. Using innovative technology and marketing tools, our work helped attract prospective students and families to our college & university clients. Our technical solutions created a richer and more meaningful experience for prospects, leading to higher enrollment and stronger affinity (and loyalty) toward our client schools. We created custom marketing plans, branding experiences, and advertising campaigns that showcased the best our client schools had to offer and what outcomes future students/families could expect. We’ve worked with more than a thousand colleges/universities across the U.S.

But we’re also parents and have experienced firsthand the need for more creative and technology-driven solutions to help K-12 schools drive enrollment, family engagement, and re-enrollment. That’s why we started ThinK-12: to help K-12 schools market themselves in a more professional way.

ThinK-12 is more than a technology and marketing company. It’s a ThinKTank that re-envisions K-12 success, and we believe it all starts with enrollment.

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Core Values

To empower school communities to come together through technology and communication.

Employment and Internships

Ready to be inspired and inspire the world of Education? Join our team.

Multiple positions opening in Summer of 2023. Check back for updates!