ThinK-12 Staff- Drive Recruitment and Retention

Attracting teachers and staff is easier when your brand is strong. Utilizing similar strategies and tools that drive student enrollment, we can drastically increase teacher and staff recruitment and retention for your school. This not only increases the NUMBER of teacher candidates, it also increases the QUALITY of the candidate pool because you’re attracting and keeping the best talent. It creates a talent pipeline that encourages optimal teacher performance on your staff. ThinK-12 Staff creates a comprehensive and automated  teacher/staff recruitment platform for your school.

Similar to ThinK-12 Families, ThinK-12 Staff consists of a core set of features that work together to elevate the new (or returning) teacher/staff experience. Teachers and Staff have options. Your school must present your story in a compelling and professional way in order to recruit (and retain) the best teachers and staff. Even E.G.E.™ (Enrollment Geographic Expectation) affects teacher/staff recruitment. Today you must work to attract, recruit, and retain teachers and staff, because they have options! Working from home for a virtual school is appealing to some teachers and staff. Let them know why YOUR SCHOOL is the right place for them to work.

ThinK-12 Staff is a web and mobile experience that, at its core, tells your story to prospective and current teachers/staff in a compelling and professional way. We do this through rich, interactive features and functionality, including:

Photo of teacher with her name and information about her


Sometimes prospective and future staff need to be better informed about their choices and why your school can offer them the best career opportunity. The team of professional content developers at ThinK-12 craft expertly-written, service-based content to engage and inform future and current staff about all the things they need to know in order to make the best choice. For returning staff, this content provides them with valuable tools to connect with students, families, and other staff members to build relationships and foster cooperation and collaboration. The key with service-based content is positioning YOUR SCHOOL as the source of the content. This builds trust and affinity between future and current staff and your school.

Some topics include:

Our library of service-based content in ThinKTanK™ is constantly growing, offering your future teachers and staff everything they need to make the best career choice.

Custom Content

Deepening the content experience for your school, our team of writers create CUSTOM CONTENT to tie our service-based staff content specifically to your school. Custom content highlights YOUR offerings, YOUR successes, and YOUR points of differentiation. And if you’re not sure what those are, we create them for you. It’s the value of outside content experts who can see the best your school has to offer and then craft it into a compelling story.

Custom-content solidifies the connection of service-based content to YOUR school.

"Give your students an experience that celebrates their learning;" teen woman smiling

Q&A Videos

Don’t underestimate the “wow” factor and how it can influence prospective and even current teachers and staff. ThinK-12 Staff Q&A Videos is an interactive, technical display of professionally produced videos of student, parent, staff, and alumni ambassadors at your school. Our expert video producers will spend a day at your school capturing video-based answers to your most common questions from prospective and returning teachers and staff. We’ll even work to develop answers to questions they may not think to ask.

Following the ThinK-12 Staff Q&A Videos Success Guide, your school will select five or more “ambassadors” to answer questions on video. Our experts set up, direct and capture the video on location at your school. Then the videos get further customized by our video production team who post-produce and load the videos into ThinK-12’s proprietary Q&A Videos engine. The result is an outstanding, professionally produced experience for future and returning teachers/staff that answers their most pressing questions and gets them excited about your school. There’s simply nothing like it.


Even future and returning staff are concerned about student outcomes. Just like coaches want to coach winning teams, teachers and staff want their kids to be successful and leave their school with an outstanding learning experience. Teachers who love what they do cite student outcomes as their number one motivator*. What can they expect for students at your school? And not just immediate outcomes, but their full educational journey. Where do students go after your school? How well do they perform on standardized tests? What colleges do they attend? What career paths do they forge? How do they positively shape the community and impact society? While no one can predict a student’s path with certainty, historical performance DOES give future and returning teachers/staff confidence and DOES influence their employment decisions.

Outcomes in your ThinK-12 Staff program will showcase your outcomes in an interactive, engaging way, driving teacher and staff recruitment for your school.

Staff Network

Giving teachers and staff the ability to connect and network with each other is a service your school should provide because a connected team drives teacher and staff recruitment and retention.

Today, the teacher/staff networking experience can be taken to the next level through technology, meeting your staff in the digital world. The ThinK-12 Staff Network is a private community that allows your staff to connect, engage and collaborate, strengthening their bond to your school. Simple things like enabling staff connections can deepen confidence in and support of your school. “Employee Communities” are everywhere (think Slack™)… except in schools. It’s time that changed.

Prospective staff can see limited information in the ThinK-12 Staff Network, while current staff have full access.