Expanded Learning Time within Community Schools

Smiling teacher in a school hallway

In today’s rapidly changing world, providing quality education is more important than ever. While traditional school hours may not always be sufficient to meet the diverse needs of students, implementing expanded learning time and opportunities within a community schools model can help bridge this gap. Community schools can create a comprehensive learning ecosystem that maximizes […]

Integrated Student Supports within Community Schools

Nurse taking child's temperature in school clinic

Education is not just about textbooks and classrooms; it is a holistic experience that requires comprehensive support systems to nurture students’ overall well-being. Integrated student supports within a community schools model have gained recognition as an effective approach to addressing the diverse needs of students. This model aims to foster academic success, social-emotional development, and […]

Community Schools and the Role of Family Engagement

Diverse group of high school students in a school hallway

Education is the cornerstone of a thriving society, and community schools have emerged as a transformative approach to education that goes beyond academics. These schools serve as hubs of support, fostering holistic development by addressing the diverse needs of students and their families. At the heart of the community school model lie four pillars: integrated […]

Customer Service in Schools

Teacher smiling at a desk

The importance of customer service in schools cannot be overstated. Treating families as customers and prioritizing their needs and expectations has numerous benefits for students, families, teachers, schools, and districts. By implementing effective customer service strategies, schools can create a welcoming and inclusive environment, improve communication channels, personalize engagement, promote family involvement, embrace continuous improvement, […]

Community Schools Fostering Connection

Multiracial group of people all putting their hands in a circle on top of one another

In recent years, community schools have emerged as a transformative approach to education, focusing on academic achievement and holistic development. These schools serve as epicenters of community engagement, offering a wide range of services and programs that foster meaningful connections between parents, school staff, and community leaders. By embracing the community school model, educational institutions […]

Equal Access to Family Engagement

Mom an daughter looking at laptop with caption reading, "Technology and Family Involvement in School"

In today’s fast-paced and digitally-driven world, technology has become essential to modern life, including the education sector. Technology has the potential to revolutionize family engagement opportunities in K-12 schools by breaking down barriers that prevent parents from being involved in their child’s education. Traditional family engagement opportunities, such as parent-teacher conferences or in-person meetings, can […]

Communication Skills for School Leaders: Joining and Supporting

Two women talking together

Communication skills are at the heart of effective leadership. As a school leader, you must effectively communicate with your staff, students, parents, and the broader community. This means you must have excellent communication skills and practices that enable you to build relationships, inform others, and seek consensus. Communication Practice: Building Building is an essential communication […]

How Family Engagement Improves Enrollment

Families standing in front of chalkboard with graduation caps written on the board above children's heads.

As school administrators across the country grapple with declining enrollment numbers, many are looking for new solutions to address the issue. While there are a multitude of factors that contribute to declining enrollment, one area that has received increased attention in recent years is family engagement. Building strong partnerships with families improves enrollment and boosts […]

Strategies for Recruiting High-Quality Staff

Portrait of smiling teacher

High-quality staff is a cornerstone of any successful K-12 school. Without skilled and motivated teachers, administrators, and support staff, a school can quickly become dysfunctional, leading to poor academic outcomes and high staff turnover rates. Therefore, it is essential for schools to recruit top-notch talent to ensure that they deliver the best possible education to […]

Improving Family-School Relationships

Five teen boys and girls

The relationship between K-12 schools and individual families is essential for the success of the educational experience. A positive relationship can lead to improved academic outcomes, increased engagement, and enhanced support from families. However, building and maintaining a strong relationship can be challenging, especially in large schools. In this article, we will discuss some steps […]

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