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We all know there’s so much more for students to discover and experience at a school besides academics. Schools have clubs and organizations designed to spark curiosity and quench students’ thirst for passions and interests. This goes far beyond organized sports or the marching band.

With Clubhub, schools can showcase and even promote their clubs to students and families, increasing the likelihood students will get involved. And just like in Higher Ed, student engagement in clubs and activities directly affects retention rates and social experiences at a school.

Chances are, your school has more clubs and organizations than most students (and nearly ALL parents) are aware of. Clubhub changes this by improving club visibility and appeal and calls-to-action that encourage involvement. Clubs are selling points of your school. Obscuring them limits the effect they can have on your students and the influence they can have on parents when making enrollment and retention decisions.

Clubs are rarely if ever promoted to future or current parents. Driving club awareness to parents equips them to encourage their child to engage in and explore everything your school has to offer.

With Clubhub, your clubs and organizations are points of pride and play an important role in engaging future and current families.


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