How to Market Your Charter School

Exterior of a school building

With declining enrollment in schools across the country, many school leaders recognize that hard times are ahead unless they take a new approach to recruiting and retaining students and families. Parents have more choices than ever when selecting a school for their children, making the education market increasingly competitive. Yet very few schools have experience […]

Family Engagement for Enrollment and Retention

Mother helping daughter with homework

Educators have long known that increased family engagement results in increased student achievement, fewer disciplinary issues, and higher quality parent-teacher relationships. But the benefits don’t stop there. As schools throughout the country experience declining enrollment and struggle to retain existing students and families, strategic family engagement is emerging as one way to address this challenge. […]

Q&A Videos: Why Do I Need Them?

Q&A Video showing teen in front of a computer

You’re sitting on the sidelines cheering on your child’s soccer team when another parent strikes up a conversation with you. Before long, they ask where you work. When you tell them the name of your school, their response won’t be dictated by any of the metrics the district and state use to evaluate the education […]

Why is Student Enrollment Dropping?

Black and white photo of students walking away

This week, the Department of Education released its latest report card on our nation’s schools (National Association of Educational Progress, 2022). It’s not good. Test scores are down. Attendance is down. Retention is down. It’s easy to blame the COVID-19 pandemic, and it’s an honest cause. But it’s not the only cause of these declines. Even […]

School Marketing Ideas to Help Increase Enrollment

Parents today have more options than ever when it comes to deciding which school to enroll their children in. The most important factor driving enrollment is family engagement. So how exactly do you keep families engaged? By incorporating the four below tools into your marketing strategy. 1. Add a Chat Feature to Your School’s Website […]

How Do I Enroll My Child In a New School?

Whether you’re getting ready to enroll your child in a new school or your child’s very first school, the enrollment period should be fun, exciting, and easy for the whole family. Here are a few steps to follow when starting the process: Step 1. Research Schools in Your Area If your child is attending a […]

10 Tips for Improving Your School’s Customer Service

Man and woman shaking hands

Most school leaders aren’t accustomed to thinking about customer service. After all, parents have traditionally enrolled children in their community public schools and “got what they got” in terms of customer service. But with school choice options more prevalent than ever, leaders of all schools must now compete to recruit and retain students and families, […]

You’re Losing Millions! It’s Time to Think Differently

Rows of empty desks

Regardless of the type of school a student attends, their attendance is tied to funding. Whether tuition, grants, scholarships, or funds from State or Federal resources, each student attending school brings increased financial resources to your school or district. From Florida to California and New York to Texas, schools are experiencing declining enrollment and, with […]


Images of different clubs with their name, brief description, and link to learn more

We all know there’s so much more for students to discover and experience at a school besides academics. Schools have clubs and organizations designed to spark curiosity and quench students’ thirst for passions and interests. This goes far beyond organized sports or the marching band. With Clubhub, schools can showcase and even promote their clubs […]

Family Network™

"Meet your family ambassadors" with images of different families

Some families will attend a school because they know other families there. Some families stay at a school for the very same reason. One thing is for certain; schools are for families, not just kids. And giving families the ability to connect and network with each other is a service your school should provide because […]

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