The Re-Imagined School Staff Directory

Photo of teacher with her name and information about her

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Staff directories at most schools are typically difficult to navigate and offer little more than a list of names and email addresses. They also provide no information to parents about the people educating their children.

That’s changed with the ThinK-12 Staff Directory.

"More Members of Our Staff" text with pictures of three teachers, their names

At ThinK-12, we re-imagined what a school staff directory should be, and built it. When we spoke with parents, they told us they wanted to know more about their child’s teachers and also wanted an easier way to connect and ally with them. Our approach was to ‘humanize’ the staff by sharing their interests and passions, their commitment to students, and of course, making it easier to connect with them.

Education is a three-way partnership: Teacher—Child—Parent. And when communication between teachers and parents is inhibited or difficult, partnerships can break down and not achieve their full potential. Facilitating the connection between staff and parents is paramount in the partnership equation.

The ThinK-12 Staff Directory not only makes this easier, but it also makes it inviting by showing staff as real people and not just teachers behind concrete walls. Staff- like parents – have families, pets, passions, and dreams. Connections around any one of those between staff and parents promote compassion, empathy, and alliance. These are the factors that allow staff to provide the best education to students, and enable parents to be supportive allies.

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