— Dr. Crystal Ladwig

NY, NY, UNITED STATES, October 5, 2023 /EINPresswire.com/ — ThinK-12, a leading education solutions provider, has proudly announced a strategic partnership with Virtual Innovators Academy (VIA) to bolster family engagement through its ThinK-12 Families program. Virtual Innovators Academy, the first and only public online high school in New York City, shares ThinK-12’s commitment to nurturing lifelong learners for a dynamic global society.

The ThinK-12 Families program empowers schools and districts by attracting new families, engaging existing ones, and celebrating shared successes. This initiative is pivotal in cultivating a robust school community that families can take pride in, recognizing that public schools play a central role in many communities.

Research consistently affirms the positive impact of parental involvement in education. When parents actively engage in their children’s education, it leads to stronger parent-child relationships, better communication with teachers and staff, and a comprehensive understanding of a child’s progress. Consequently, students experience enhanced academic performance, attendance, and post-secondary attendance rates.

ThinK-12 Families, introduced in 2022 and now implemented in districts nationwide, leverages technology to augment school engagement among both current and prospective families. VIA is wholeheartedly embracing the complete program suite for ThinK-12 Families, encompassing innovative features such as ThinKTanK™, Family Network™, Q&A Videos™, Outcomes™, Staff Directory™, The Hub™, and Family Service Center™. These tools aim to enhance communication, facilitate connection, and provide essential resources for families.

Peter Kraft, CEO of ThinK-12, expressed excitement about this collaboration, stating, “We are thrilled to partner with Virtual Innovators Academy to drive enrollment, family engagement, and retention for their incredible school. In an era of increased school choice, how families perceive and communicate about your school holds more significance than ever. We look forward to working with VIA to showcase the incredible opportunities they offer to both students and families.”

Principal Terri Grey affirmed, “ThinK-12 will help us continue to blaze a new path in the way families navigate and interact with our school. We are so excited to offer this feature to our families and those wanting to learn more about virtual options in the NYC public school system.”

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