Building Trust Between Home and School

Teacher welcoming someone into the classroom

Building trust between home and school is critical in creating a positive school culture, increasing student achievement, and promoting family engagement. When parents trust teachers and administrators, they are more likely to support the school, get involved in their child’s education, and advocate for the school within the community. Trust is also important for the […]

Fostering a Supportive School Climate

Mother and father leading two young children into school

Families play a crucial role in their child’s education, and it’s essential for schools to create an environment that makes them feel supported and engaged. When parents feel supported, they are more likely to be involved in their child’s education, which can lead to better outcomes for students. With some planning, schools can create a […]

Supporting Teachers with Family Engagement

Elementary classroom with students raising their hands and teacher in front of room pointing to a student

Family engagement is crucial for student success, but it is also beneficial for teachers. When teachers develop strong relationships with families, they gain valuable insights into their students’ backgrounds, learning styles, and interests. This information can help teachers make more informed instructional choices, resulting in improved learning outcomes for students. Supporting teachers with increased and […]

Families Are Your Biggest Allies

Father helping two children with homework on laptops

Families are a crucial component of K-12 schools, and they can be a school’s biggest allies in supporting student learning and success. When families are involved and engaged in their child’s education, it can have a positive impact on both the child’s academic performance and the school community as a whole. Here are a few ways […]

Interactive Parent-Teacher Conferences

Mother, daughter, and teacher meeting at school

Parent-teacher conferences are an important time for parents and teachers to come together and discuss a child’s progress, strengths, and areas of improvement. However, traditional conferences where the teacher talks and parents listen are becoming less and less effective. Interactive parent-teacher conferences, where both parties actively participate, are essential to parent engagement. Benefits of Interactive […]

Family Engagement Types

mark 01:56 PM Alt-text: Woman and young boy playing with colorful toys

Families are as unique as each individual member. But anyone who has been teaching for a while knows that when it comes to family engagement, most parents fall into one of four groups. Some are engaged and supporting, some are overly engaged, some seem to never be engaged, and others try but find their engagement […]