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Smiling family meeting with a teacher
Fostering Stronger Family-School Partnerships
In the intricate tapestry of a child’s educational journey, the role of families is irreplaceable....
ThinK-12 logo
Miami-Dade County Public Schools Partners With ThinK-12 to Enhance Family Recruitment, Engagement, And Retention
New partnership uses family engagement technology to drive interest and awareness for M-DCPS schools. How...
Diverse group of teachers talking in a conference room
Collaborative Leadership within Community Schools
Collaborative leadership plays a crucial role in the success and effectiveness of community schools....
Young boy and father doing homework together
Family and Community Engagement within Community Schools
In an increasingly complex and diverse educational landscape, fostering strong partnerships between schools,...
Smiling teacher in a school hallway
Expanded Learning Time within Community Schools
In today’s rapidly changing world, providing quality education is more important than ever. While...
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