What is ThinKTank?

Students sitting in a classroom; Text reads "A program for current and future families"

Where do your students’ parents go when seeking information about a new school or how to help their children? Like most parents, they likely Google the school’s name or their question and hope for the best. The result, however, can be far from helpful. Google results often provide links to only basic information about a […]

Family Ambassadors: Tips for Selecting and Training

Two women talking

Family Ambassadors are one of the greatest tools your school has. Families who share their stories about your school help to build connections between current families and attract potential families. Families are often better equipped than school staff to share their experiences at your school. Prospective families listen to and value the experience of other […]


Images of different clubs with their name, brief description, and link to learn more

We all know there’s so much more for students to discover and experience at a school besides academics. Schools have clubs and organizations designed to spark curiosity and quench students’ thirst for passions and interests. This goes far beyond organized sports or the marching band. With Clubhub, schools can showcase and even promote their clubs […]

ThinK-12 Outcomes™

"Our students achieve great things" Bar graph showing student enrollment in colleges

One of the biggest questions future and current families have is about Outcomes. What can they expect for their child from your school? And not just immediate outcomes, but their full educational and career journey. Where do students go after your school? How do they perform on state-reported assessments? What special programs do they attend […]

Family Network™

"Meet your family ambassadors" with images of different families

Some families will attend a school because they know other families there. Some families stay at a school for the very same reason. One thing is for certain; schools are for families, not just kids. And giving families the ability to connect and network with each other is a service your school should provide because […]

The Re-Imagined School Staff Directory

Photo of teacher with her name and information about her

Staff directories at most schools are typically difficult to navigate and offer little more than a list of names and email addresses. They also provide no information to parents about the people educating their children. That’s changed with the ThinK-12 Staff Directory. At ThinK-12, we re-imagined what a school staff directory should be, and built […]

ThinK-12 Chat

portrait of woman smiling with a computer beside her

Get ready to drastically improve customer service for future and current families (yes, your families are your customers). ThinK-12 Chat is an AI-based (artificial intelligence) chat interface that answers most enrollment-based questions from families. The custom-built AI information engine powers ThinK-12 Chat for your school or district, simplifying parent inquiries and providing them with quick […]

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