Using Technology to Support Family Engagement

Smiling teacher in classroom holding a laptop

Family engagement is a key factor in promoting student success and well-being. Research shows that when families are involved in their children’s education, they have higher academic achievement, better attendance, lower dropout rates, and more positive attitudes toward learning. However, engaging families can be challenging, especially in the context of remote or hybrid learning, diverse […]

A Comprehensive Approach to School Success

Mother and daughter doing homework together

Parent involvement in education has long been recognized as an essential component of a child’s academic success. Traditionally, parent involvement has been narrowly defined as parents being present in the schools, attending parent-teacher conferences, and volunteering in the classroom. However, a shift in thinking has occurred, and educators now acknowledge the importance of a more […]

Understanding Factors Behind Parental School Choice

Girl wearing graduation cap standing in front of a chalkboard with A+ on it

Selecting the right school for a child is a decision that weighs heavily on parents’ minds. It’s crucial that school administrators fully grasp the factors influencing parental school choice and adapt strategies to meet their expectations. This article will explore the key reasons behind parental school choices, using examples and stories to shed light on […]

Nurturing Connections Through Your School Website

Man and woman looking at a tablet together

In today’s fast-paced educational landscape, schools harness the power of online tools to strengthen the bond between families and the school community. School websites emerge as a central hub, offering myriad resources to bolster family engagement. From enlightening educational articles and captivating short videos to immersive school showcases and dynamic family and staff networks, these […]

Revitalizing School Culture in the New Year

Smiling teacher in classroom

As we step into a new year, educational institutions have a unique opportunity to reflect on the past and set the stage for positive transformation. Among the critical aspects deserving attention is the school culture—a dynamic force that shapes the experiences of students, teachers, staff, and families. Revitalizing school culture isn’t just a resolution but […]

Creative Ways to Celebrate Your Staff During the Holidays

Santa wearing glasses and holding a figure to his mouth.

The holiday season is upon us, and it’s the perfect time to show appreciation to the heartbeat of your organization—your hardworking staff. Recognizing their efforts not only boosts morale but also fosters a positive workplace culture. Here are some delightful and fun ways to celebrate your staff during the holidays. Winter Wonderland Decorations Transform the […]

Fostering a Culture of Gratitude

Word collage surrounding "gratitude"

School administrators play a pivotal role in shaping the culture and climate of their institutions. One essential aspect often overlooked is the power of gratitude in creating a positive and thriving environment for faculty and staff. School administrators can model a heart of gratitude, fostering a sense of appreciation and support among their team. Recognize […]

Fostering Excellence through Core Values

Teacher with a smiling group of students in class

The role of school leaders goes far beyond administrative tasks. Today, visionary leaders understand the profound impact that identifying and effectively communicating core values can have on the entire school community. This article delves into the significance of school leaders in discerning and articulating these foundational principles to students, families, and staff. Creating a Unified […]

Attracting the Best Teachers

Smiling male teacher standing in front of classroom

The heartbeat of any school is its teaching staff. Attracting the best teachers requires the creation of a school culture that fosters excellence and provides unwavering support to its educators. School leaders have the power to cultivate an environment that draws top-tier teachers and keeps them engaged and fulfilled. A Positive and Inclusive School Culture […]

The Link Between Student Attendance and Family Engagement

Elementary student smiling in front of a school bus

In education, the connection between student attendance and family engagement is integral to a successful school system. When parents and caregivers actively participate in their child’s education and students consistently attend school, it sets the stage for academic achievement and personal growth. This article emphasizes the significance of student attendance and the pivotal role of […]

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