Engaging Families of English Learners

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Engaging families in the education of English learners is a crucial aspect of student success in schools. Research has shown that family engagement has a significant impact on the academic achievement and social development of students, particularly for those who are learning a new language. Therefore, it is important for schools to establish effective strategies for engaging families of English learners in their education.

Consistent Communication

One of the most effective ways to engage families of English learners is through clear and consistent communication. Schools should ensure that all communication with families is in a language that they understand and is easy to comprehend. This can be achieved through the use of multilingual communication materials and translation services. Moreover, regular parent-teacher conferences can be an excellent opportunity for teachers to share information about their child’s academic progress and for parents to provide feedback and ask questions.

Focus on Relationship-Building

Engaging families in school activities is another way to build strong relationships and increase their engagement in their child’s education. Schools can encourage parents to participate in parent-teacher organizations, school committees, and volunteer opportunities. When possible, connect families of English learners to other parents at the school who speak the same language. This can be done through a family network or family ambassadors. This not only helps families feel more connected to the school, but it also provides valuable insights and perspectives on how to support student learning.

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Home Visits

Another effective strategy is home visits by teachers. These visits can provide an opportunity for teachers to establish a strong relationship with families, understand their perspectives, and provide support and resources. During these visits, teachers can discuss their child’s progress, offer suggestions for supporting their learning at home, and share educational resources.

Technological Supports

Technology can also play a significant role in engaging families of English learners in their child’s education. Schools can use digital tools, such as educational apps, email, or other online platforms, to communicate with families in their preferred language and provide them with resources and information. This not only increases accessibility but also helps to foster a sense of connectedness and engagement for families.

Cultural Awareness

Cultural awareness is another essential aspect of involving families of English learners in schools. It is important for educators to have a deep understanding of the cultures and backgrounds of their families, as this can help to build strong relationships and create a welcoming and inclusive school environment. This can be achieved through cultural competency training for teachers and staff, as well as cultural events and activities that celebrate the diversity of the school community.

Parents as Decision-Makers

Finally, involving families of English learners in the decision-making process is a critical aspect of their engagement in their child’s education. Schools can involve families in school improvement efforts and ask for their feedback and input on educational policies and practices. This not only empowers families but also helps to ensure that their needs and perspectives are considered and addressed.

Putting It All Together

Engaging families of English learners in their child’s education is essential to their success in school. Schools can implement several effective strategies, such as clear communication, involvement in school activities, home visits, technology integration, cultural competence, and involvement in the decision-making process, to build strong relationships and increase family engagement. By doing so, schools can support the academic and social development of English learners and create a positive and inclusive learning environment for all students.

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