Universal prekindergarten programs are being established in many parts of the country, providing early childhood education to all children regardless of socioeconomic background. This initiative has impacted students positively, particularly in elementary school attendance. Elementary schools have the opportunity to take advantage of the increasing number of these programs to actively recruit families into their schools.

Benefits of Universal Prekindergarten Programs

Studies have shown that children who attend prekindergarten programs are more likely to have higher attendance rates in elementary school as they provide children with a strong foundation for their education and help them develop a love for learning. In addition, the educational and social experiences that children receive in prekindergarten set the stage for their future academic success. In addition, children who attend prekindergarten programs are more likely to have improved school readiness skills, including better literacy and numeracy skills, improved social and emotional development, and enhanced problem-solving abilities. These skills help to prepare students for their elementary school experience and to be more engaged in their studies.

Preschool girl coloring with red crayon

Home-School Relationships in Prekindergarten

Another factor contributing to improved elementary school attendance is the positive relationship students build with their prekindergarten teachers. This connection helps students feel more confident and secure in their school environment, which helps them be more likely to attend school regularly. In addition, the teachers in these programs are trained to help students develop critical social and emotional skills, such as cooperation, empathy, and problem-solving, which are crucial for success in school and life.

Finally, universal prekindergarten programs can also support families, particularly those who may struggle with getting their children to school regularly. For example, prekindergarten programs can offer transportation services, flexible scheduling options, and assistance with school supplies and uniforms, all of which can help families overcome barriers to school attendance.

As more young children benefit from prekindergarten programs, opportunities will be created for elementary schools to actively collaborate with and recruit from programs in their community and district. How will your school respond?

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