Communication Skills for School Leaders: Joining and Supporting

Two women talking together

Communication skills are at the heart of effective leadership. As a school leader, you must effectively communicate with your staff, students, parents, and the broader community. This means you must have excellent communication skills and practices that enable you to build relationships, inform others, and seek consensus. Communication Practice: Building Building is an essential communication […]

Why Schools Should Survey Parents

Woman smiling while on a phone in front of a laptop

Schools have a vital role in shaping the future of our children and society. They not only educate and equip students with the necessary skills but also create a supportive and inclusive environment that fosters learning and growth. Given the critical role that schools play, it is essential to gather feedback from all stakeholders, including […]

What is ThinKTank?

Students sitting in a classroom; Text reads "A program for current and future families"

Where do your students’ parents go when seeking information about a new school or how to help their children? Like most parents, they likely Google the school’s name or their question and hope for the best. The result, however, can be far from helpful. Google results often provide links to only basic information about a […]

Family Engagement Roadblocks: What Can I Do?

Mom helping daughter with homework

Without effective communication, even the best family engagement activities will fall short of desired outcomes. Educators must engage in reflective practices to ensure we’re not using any of these five family communication roadblocks. Roadblock #1: Not listening to parents’ perspectives Roadblock #2: Not responding promptly Roadblock #3: Talking at instead of with parents Roadblock #4: […]

ThinK-12 Chat

portrait of woman smiling with a computer beside her

Get ready to drastically improve customer service for future and current families (yes, your families are your customers). ThinK-12 Chat is an AI-based (artificial intelligence) chat interface that answers most enrollment-based questions from families. The custom-built AI information engine powers ThinK-12 Chat for your school or district, simplifying parent inquiries and providing them with quick […]

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